Landscape Design & Construction

At Evoland, we offer our clients the right combination of knowledge, experience, attention to detail and pride in our work that has built a solid base of return customers and an ever-growing list of new ones. At Evoland, we build personal relationships with our clients, getting to know your lifestyle, your personal taste and your budget, so that we can deliver a product that will give years of pleasure and satisfaction.

Everyone should have a garden that they can be proud of, a place to relax and enjoy the company of family and friends. Evoland provides solutions that will suit your lifestyle and optimize your living space.

Evoland offers a variety of landscape design services. We can be involved in individual elements of your project, or as most clients prefer, manage the entire process from garden design through to maintenance of your completed garden.


A garden should enrich your life and be a place to laugh, contemplate and reflect. Evoland is a design company that creates gardens that are sensitive to their surrounding environment, the architecture they offset, and the people who use them.


The right materials and excellent workmanship lay the perfect foundation for a garden to grow and mature gracefully. After we have finalized your garden design, our highly experienced team will build your garden exactly as we envisioned it, within the set time frames.

With a wide range of skills from carpentry, horticulture, stone masonry and everything in between – our hand-picked team is well known for their attention to detail and passion for creating something truly special. They work creatively with materials, and have an ability to interpret the plan so that the end result anchors your garden into its natural setting, almost as if it was born there.


A garden is a little like being in love – the more you put into it, the more you get out of it. To help your garden reach its full potential, Evoland offers professional garden maintenance service. By continuing to love and care for your garden as it matures and settles in, we'll help guide and shape it, to reach its full potential.

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